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I usually am on the head and neck cancer forum as that was what my husband's cancer was (throat) which returned with avengence and he passed away in Aug. of 2010.  However, I still keep up with the folks on the H&N forum as they were so good and comforting all the way thru and hopefully I can give a little bit back to them.  My life long and best friend (we've known each other since we were 2 1/2 and now almost 61!) her husband was dx with lung cancer in Jan. 2013 underwent chemo and 35 rads and no evidence in brain at that time.  In March of this year was having trouble lifting left arm and l.leg was weak and she notice he didn't seem to be processing everything at times.  So trip to prim. care who immed. sent them for mri of brain thinking possible blood clot or lite stroke but no it was mets to brain; chest still looks good.  So he underwent 10 whole brain rads and was on steroids(but not now) which reversed symptoms he was having and eating everything in house and home!  Follow up ct of brain showed lesions had shrunk which is good.  But now for about the last month has not regained strength and not eating worth a darn.  Went last week to onc. who did ct of chest and was stable; did put him on megace and cymbalta and will do pet scan in two months.  He is almost 77.  My friend is so concerned about him not eating and as we all know you can't force them to eat.  Just thought I'd bop over here to this forum and see if any of y'all had any thoughts or been thru the same.  Thanks so much.

Jan (Basketcase)  I always add basketcase in parenthenses beside my name as that was a big joke between my husband and me and he nicknamed me that and believe me there are times when I was/am a basketcase even almost 4 years since his passing!


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    Symptoms of brain cancer

    From what I understand, the symptoms can vary according to the location of the tumor, they can be headaches, confusion, deizures, or symptoms of stroke.My husband's gliosarcoma was in the right frontal lobe and affected the left side with weakness in arm and leg.