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To chemo or not to chemo

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Well just started into 220 days plus with this HT.  First the good news.  PSA=0.24 down from 0.78 three mos ago.  T < 0.13.


Had two appointments this week.  First one Tuesday.  Hes was not sure as the recent study stated HT at the same time as Chemo,.  WHile he was excited about the opportuntiy and was at the conference, given the uncertaintiy he did not recommend the chemo.


Take two.  Friday went to my appointment to get my Lupron shot as part of the CR TAK trial.  Before we even got started, he was asking me what I have heard and wanted me to consider the Chemo.


WIll not make an choice until after 7/11 and speak to the third Doc at Dana Farber.


Enjoy your summer and be strong.



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Good luck and best wishes as you move forward!

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I would never ever do chemo, and I think most doctors would not as well.  http://www.healthline.com/health/cancer/effects-on-body

I believe you are killing your immune system with chemo.  Be careful with this one, it may kill you.  love, Rakendra

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