A huge relief!

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Yayyyy!!! The specialist was able to take out a large flat polyp in my husband's colon by EMR to avoid surgery. He has heart issues - serious ones - so this was great news. There is only one doctor in the city who is qualified to do this and we were hoping she could. Thank goodness.

Now we have to wait 2 weeks to get the results. If it's cancer, he'll have to have surgery anyways, but so far, so good.

Thanks for listening.



  • Helen321
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    Nice!  It worked out smoothly

    Nice!  It worked out smoothly so we'll go with no cancer!  Hope the two weeks flies.

  • Trubrit
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    Good news

    I'm glad that your husband didn't have to have surgery, and pray that the results are good and he won't have to have it in the future. Having a serious heart problem is enough to deal with, I would say.