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Hi all, I have some worrying symptoms and signs, was wondering if anyone can shed some light?

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Hi everybody,


Everytime I google my symptoms, lymphoma comes up and I'm starting to worry about my body. I have a doctor's appointment for a biopsy on Monday but I was wondering if anyone with lymphoma recognizes my symptoms in themsevles.


A little more than a month ago, I got this abscess below my ear lobe. I noticed my lymph nodes on my neck were swollen as well. I popped the abscess and yellow fluid and blood came out. I was feeling very tired and sleeping 16 hours a day. I went to the walk in doctor, but he was stumped. He said the abscess shouldn't be causing my lymph nodes to swell and he didn't think I had an infection otherwise since I had no fever. He told me to take antibiotics if the abscess got worse again but it didn't, it went away on its on within two weeks. 

Its over a month later now, and my lymph nodes on my neck are still swollen, one is below my earlobe and the other is on the side of my neck above my collarbone. My salivary gland is also swollen on the other side of my neck, or at least, something it swollen over there. 

I also have this pain, what I can only describe as bone pain in the limbs of my body. The pain comes and goes and strikes different limbs at different times. I am even more exhausted than I was a month ago. Moving around the house is exhausting, even just bending over to pick something up. My feet and lower legs also get randomly itchy at night when I lay down. Its not a bad itching, more like a crawling feeling that I need to itch in order to stop it. 


Did anyone else have these symptoms at the beginning? I'm not sure if I have it or not, I'm a 24 year old female. I do have gut problems though that have yet to be diagnosed. 

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Hello sperry89 and welcome to the group. I am sorry you are having problems and are worried. I hope you don't have lymphoma but if you do, please know that it is very treatable.

I can't exactly follow what you are asking. I read that you had an abcess which drained,was examined by a doctor, you took antibiotics and that is resolved. (I think)? 

You have swollen lymph nodes in your neck. The part I can't follow is where, at the beginning, you say you have a doctor's appointment for a biopsy. Do you mean you have a doctor's appointment to see if you need a biopsy? Or has a doctor already checked your lymph nodes and scheduled a biopsy? Is it the same doctor you saw about the abcess? 

As for the other symptoms, tiredness, weakness, and itching are classic lymphoma symptoms. I don't know about bone pain. 

You are right about a biopsy being the only way to diagnosis lymphoma, so you are definitely on the right track to answer your questions in that regard.

I wish you well and hope you are feeling better soon. You are welcome here and please ask as many questions as you like. And good luck with your appointment on Monday.




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I had several needle aspirations (which is not as involved as a biopsy). They take some cells out in the area by air suction. Thst is an easier way to go at first.   I used to have (pre lymphoma)  numerous swellings in the node just under my ear (partroid) gland. Antibiotics always took care of it but I usually had to go several rounds. The specialist then said there could be a blockage in the gland there too and if antibiotics didn't work, she would flush it.

I am assuming you had the CT scan and maybe a PET scan.  My PET scan is what showed the lymphoma and the cells from the needle biopsy provded it.  Bone pain can be caused by medication you are on too.

Glad you are seeing the doctor to get some answers Good Luck!

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