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Blood Pressure

Ed Brabant
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Joined: Apr 2013

I have been on Votrient for 16 months. Hair went white BP went up. Now hair is going back to normal/gray and no longer need BP medication. Are these the sighns that Votrient isn't working anymore. Scan in August.....

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"They" say that side effects is an indication it's working, but I'm not sure that's even been proven. It seems like it's more anecdotal. I've never seen anybody quote a study that has proven this is true. Only scans and tracking number/size of mets can say it's working or not. Even anecdotally, I'm not sure people say that no side effects means it's not working....

BTW, I didn't go to medical school. I hope it's still working for you. I know people that have been on it a long time and it worked a long time.


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I agree with Todd.  Some people do not have many or any real side effects yet the drugs work..  Think of it as two separate issues, the drugs get processed though the body, and the body reacts and the Cancer reacts.  Now on some drugs many people think the two are related, but I do not remember that being attributed to Votrient.


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