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Doctor's Admin Team is not top notch

Terry T
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Have people encountered problems scheduling and getting call backs?  I feel when I was "prospect", the level of service was much better...now that I am a client (surgery is scheduled in 2 weeks) ..not so great service.

Also, what should I expect in the pre-op for a laparoscopic (likely complete) nephrectomy? 


Thanks all - this forum seems to be chock full of amazing people! 

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Don't get hung up on the level of service from the doctor's staff. They could be having a hard time reaching the doctor for answers while he is on the golf course.

As far as pre op a clearance from your GP  generally includes a physical on heart issues. A chest xray and CT to check if their are any mets to thr lung. Blood work and of course the licquid plumer on the night before surgery. Sometimes the Urologist does a Cystoscopy to check for bladder cancer (not fun if you are a guy).

Good luck with the surgery and we look forward to your joining our club and learning the secret handshake.



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I had problems reaching the doctor and his assistant. However, he's the head of the medical school urology department as well as the urology team at the hospital, so it didn't surprise me much that there were problems in that area. They are very busy, and despite me having cancer, I saw people that looked sicker than me waiting on him, so I just felt I had to put it into perspective. I went to a university medical school hospital for my surger. They had an internal messaging system that I could use to send questions. Of course they didn't go right to the doctor, they went to his nurse. She would usually respond by the end of the day or next day. If it was an emergency (and it was a couple of times) I called in and somebody did call me back ASAP. It was sometimes him, sometimes his nurse, sometimes whoever was on call. Still, if I really needed it, I got attention I thought.

My pre-op included a study of my kidneys that was something like a time-lapse CT. I can't remember what they called it....My kidney that was going to be left was smaller than the one with the tumor, and they wanted to see the relative workload between the two to see that it could do the job. It was like a CT scan, but it took longer and I think it was more like a movie. They injected me with contrast and I had to drink a lot of water just before the test and I was in the machine for awhile. I don't think they do this with everyone. I had a chest X-ray and I had a CT with and without contrast because my first CT was without contrast at another hospital. I had blood work too. That was pretty much it.

Hope it goes smoothly for you.


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from the doctors or offices because at this point they have things in control. So many questions that are asked at this point only take time and don't affect the outcome. Once you become comfortable with your caregivers, let them do their jobs. They do this everyday. It takes years to be proficient at what they do. They can't educate all their patients about all there is when people get nervous or have cold feet. Learn what you can. Ask questions that are more medically relevent. The more you understand, the more accurate their answers become. I've been watching this process for 35 years.

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