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Astrocytoma Grade 3 survivor

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I am a 17 year (almost) Astrocytoma Grade 3 survivor.  Diagnosed in 1997 at the age of 26.  Tumor removed on Halloween!

Chemo and radiation.  Tumor completely removed it seems.

I have been a 100% until recent seziures side effects in 2008 due to scar tissue in the surgrey area.

If anyone needs more detail about my story or just a plain survivor chat.

Please reply!



Scott H.




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Gene Radcliffe
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Hey Scott, my name is Gene. I am 25 years old and three months ago was diagnosed with AA Grade 3. So far they were able to remove close to 98% of the tumor and I am undergoing a combination of Chemo and Radiation treatment. I would very much like to speak with you if I can. Thank you for your time - Gene

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hi gene. my mom had 98% removed off her frontal lobe, aax3. how r u doing now?

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I was diagnosed with an AA3 sept 97. I've been 100% in remission since then, as well. Other than your seziures, have you experienced any delayed side effects from the surgery and/or treatment?

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Try watching a documentary called The beautiful Truth doctor Gerson it is all about nutrition and the healing effects on the body.

I beleive it does help.  The movie is on Netflix. Stay strong and have hope.

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My husband Sidney had a Grand Mal seizure on July 7th 2013. We found out that he has astrocytoma grade II. He had resention surgery in January 2014. They were able to remove a little more than 80%. He was able to take Keppra 3200 mg daily. He was fine until July when he had facial focal seizures. These seizure were uncontrolable for 6 days. They finally changed his medication to Vimpat 200 mg twice daily. His frontal lobe on the right side is where the cancer is. He had a terrible seizure at work on Friday and it makes me wonder if the cancer is spreading to the right frontal lobe because he is now having seizure activity on the right side of his body. Could someone who has experienced this type of symptoms help answer my questions since the doctors don't want to?

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