Extreme nausea, is it normal?

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I had 2 radiation treatments and one chemotherapy treatment on Thursday.  I did really well (I thought).  I had minor nausea but nothing bad.  Well, last night I got sick beyond sick.  I vomited my insides out it feels like and I'm so weak I can hardly get up.  I'm still sick at my stomach and can't really eat anything without getting horribly nauseous and my stomach hurting.  I am on low dose chemo they say.  Is this horrible nausea normal?  Is there anything I can do to get some strength back?  


  • dennycee
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    Your reaction is not normal.

    If you haven't already done so, call the on call doc.  It sounds as though you are getting dehydrated which will make you very sick.  Did you take all steroids as directed?   If yes, you need to ask the dr about a stronger dosage.