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New growth in neck year after total thyroidectomy

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May 15 laste year I had a total thyroidectomy and 11 lymphnodes taken out, only two lymphnodes had cancer spread to them. Well about 9 months after surgery I had a ultraound and they noticed a mass in my neck. 3 months after that scan i had another the original mass grew along with another next to it and another on the other side of my neck. I'm really freaking out and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happened. there's family history of lymphoma in my family.

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Hi my name is Angelica, I had a TT in dic 2011, finished my treatment by april 2012. My cancer is Papillary carcinoma, follicular variant which is suppose to be a slow growing cancer.  I first noticed some nodules about 7 months after my first surgery,  had a sonogram and a biopsy that was negative.  Last year my thyroglobulins where high so i had another surgery (turns out the biopsy was a false negative), they took out 4 more nodules (3 of them had cancer).  This year i have 2 more nodules on the sonogram and i'm doing my low iodine diet and waiting to get my thyrogen and find out what is happening.  Hopefully this will not be your experience.  

Which type of cancer is it? What did you get any treatment after the surgery? What is the doctor recommending? 

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My cancer is papillary carcinoma as well. I had the RAI pill 4 months after my tt. I had a 6 month ultra sound and they had found a mass in the lymphnodes and wanted to see me again in 4 months. 4 months later they found growth next to the first one and new growth on the opposite side of my neck. My doctor wants me to wait till november to see if theres more growth or if they become larger. it's driving me nuts having to wait so long. i have a good intuition about my body and i have the same feeling i had when i first got diagnosed.

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did your Dr tell you the reason for waiting’?  I too am  insame situation scheduled for ultra 6 monthsafter RAI treatmentwhich did not work. Why are some having surgery and others told to watch and wait?

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Hi everyone. This is my first ever online discussion. First of all, God Bless you all. 1 1/2 years ago I had a total hysterectomy because of cervical cancer. During that time they found (through scans and biopsy) thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid removed. After more scans and biopsy they found a lymph node in my neck with cancer. June 6th I will have a modified radical neck dissection. I am wondering if any of you have gone through this and what your experience was? Thank you!


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