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I have a CT scan next week.  My first since finishing FOLFOX chemotherapy.  I find myself pretty anxious and scared.  While I'm told this is quite normal, that really doesn't help that much.  And I know the outcome will be what it will be regardless of how much worrying I do.  But if anyone has any kind words, hope, or positivity to send my way, I sure would appreciate it.


As an aside, can anyone tell me why a CT is preferred over a PET scan?  I'm told a CT can't really visualize the intestines very well (though neither can PET), and that they're mostly looking at the lung and liver and any complications at the surgical site.  But I remain curious about the use of CT here.  Thank you for your help.

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I was told that the PET is more sensitive than the CT scan, and that is the one that picks up my problems. 

I am sorry that you suffer from scanxiety. I am lucky in that way, as I don't worry about it at all. 

Have you tried meditation? It does'nt have to be the sitting on the floor crossed legged kind.  When I was doing the chemo, and the worst worry time for me was when I first went to bed, I found a guided imagery (sp) CD, and listened to it when I first got into bed. It worked like a dream. It got to the  point where I could listen to the CD as I was going to sleep and slept all night, which was a miracle, as I hadn't done that in year, even pre-cancer. 

Sorry  about any spelling. I am falling asleep here. Trying to stay up until nine, or I'll be up at four again. 

Good luck conquring your worry. I hope I've helped a little. 


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I am having scanxiety too. Some days I can breathe through it, other times it takes over. Short of meds I think you just have to stay occupied. Mine is Monday. We can cheer each other on. Go NED!

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I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Helen!  Please let us know how things go.  Go NED indeed!

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I am not one to tell you "don't worry" because I always worry about everything.  Not is a bad way, but more in a wanting to plan for everything way.  It is the not knowing and the wait time that kills me.  Once I know what I have to do, i get it done. 

So maybe that's all I can offer....   worry all you want (as long as it doesnt' interfere with your daily life), but know that whatever the results, you will get through it.  Good or bad, you will get through it.   Others have, and there is no reason why you shouldn't.  You will get through it.

Please come back to share your news.  Good or bad.  We get really happy (and in fact it's encouraging) to hear good news; but we are also here to help you get back up. 

Lots of positive energy your way,


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I just finished my CT.  I find myself angry at everyone the week before.  :(.   I try not to think about it but it is always on my mind.  After my CT I get depressed and not want to talk to anyone until I get results. Hopefully result tomorrow. 


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Like Trubrit, my brother's tumor shows better on the PET. The CT scan missed his liver tumor. They are going to do a PET scan in July to see what is happening because his most recent CT showed no tumor. As much as I'd love to think it's gone, I won't feel better until he has a PET.


Good luck with your scan!!!

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