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cancer-My daughter's thoughts

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My now 22 yr old went to se the new movie (NOT sure of the name) and she said it was the saddest movie I have seen-but good. Then she said I AM MAD at you! (in a joking manner)

She said I feel horrible I was not there more for you etc. YOU acted LIKE it was (CANCER) no big deal and just went on like anyother day. NO complaints, never said boo about anything. I just didnt' get it since you acted so nonchalant-and just went to work and did everyday family things.

MIND YOU she was the one who took care of me after my Breats surgeries and hystertomy *DUE To cancer med and slept in the hospital with me nightly!!!

She is a great person-and she was only 16 at the time. I thought I was protecting her. OTHERS have said to me the same thing that never really  think/ thought of me and CANCER since I just went with the flow.


I am not sure if this makes sense to others here or not-but just wanted to vent/ share!



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That is so sweet Denise.  I haven't seen the film, but if it makes others aware of some of our difficulties, bring it on!!!

Often folks ask how I am doing.  Of course, just like you, I always say fie.  Do I feel fine all of the time?  Of course not!!!  But I would rather focus on the positives and live whatever life I have left to the fullest.  However, I sometimes think we do a disservice by saying we are fine.  The muggles think that CC has cancer and she is absolutely fine! 

Thank you for venting!  It was exactly what I have been thinking about lately!!!  Big hugs!!!

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At the time I didn't want to worry my daughter (then 16) I guess I thought hiding it  from her. I never told her-MY dr called me at home and I jotted down DCIS (I do not have a computer) so looked it up on my daughter's lap top.) Of course soon as she turned it on CANCER word was up as last thing. DANG....crap...she called me to say YOU HAVE CANCER" Thankfully she doesn't rmemeber it that way.

My oldest daughter-completely clueless then and now-about cancer. She will say my mom had cancer etc..but never a concerning thought, comment etc to me. IT"S JUST her and didnt' expect anything so not hurt when I didn't get any sympathy.Surprised


The Fault in Our Stars-Title of movie


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