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Please support me.God bless you

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I m very upset.My mother had 1.5 cm nodule on right  upper lobe.Doctor did operate her and her biposy came adencarcionma well diff.They were unable to find cancer orgin.she was digonsed 5 yrs uterus cancer and was in remission for 5 yrs. Doctors are not sure it is mets from uterus or new primary cancer.is anyone have same experice.can lung cancer are grade 1.what are survival for stage 1 lung cancer. Ta .My mother was digonsed grade 1 endo adenco 2009 .her ca125 is 5.9.please share your advise.what test required to identify tumor nature.ta kumar

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Kumar, please do not study survival stats.  I met a women with stage 4 cancer who was celebrating her 5 years N.E.D. the next day.  Stats do not include all the facts for those numbers.  

It sounds like she was 5 years N.E.D. and has a recurrence now in your lung?  I am sorry I don't have any information regarding that but hopefully one of the other wonderful warriors here will be able to provide you some guidance.

Try to take a breath and continue your research from your mother. 

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Don't read any of the statistics, who knows our true path in lfe except our higher power.


Remember --



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I am sorry to hear your Mother has a tumor in her lung.  Since she was in remission for 5 years, you would think she would not have a recurrence.  I hope you get a plan soon so she can begin fighting this cancer.  I would think testing of the tumor would indicate which chemo will help.  you and your Mom will remain in my prayers.  

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I'm sorry to hear about your mom,  sounds like she and I may be in the same, or at least similar, boats.

I had uterine cancer 9 years ago and found out last Oct that it had metastasized into my lungs . I have several tumors in both lungs. I didnt ask what stage, or survival rate are for it because that wasn't as important to me as how do I fight it? What can be done? I went on chemo until last Feb, and have been on anti estrogen meds since then. My tumors are shrinking, but still there. But guess what? I'm still here too.

So my advise, don't worry about statistics. Concentrate on what can be done. Take each day one day at a time and live each day as best she can.

Best of luck to you both, keep us posted on how she is doing.



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Please help me.


Dawn1689 , hows your lungs mets?


Please try megace,,,, It helps shrink tumors..



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Dear Kumar,

Sorry to hear about your mom.  WHen I was diagnosed with stage  uterine carcinoma, serous type I read the statistics of the survival rate, and later I was sorry I did.  they can be discouraging.  Instead, you and she focus on doing what you can to give her the best survival chances, and enjoy life as best she can.  

Sending healing thoughts and prayers,


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Any more support or megace experince will help me.


I live in UK and she lives in india.


She doesn't want to do CT Scan.


Cheers Kumar


Bless you all

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