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Please help me.God Bless you

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I m very upset.My mother had 1.5 cm nodule on right  upper lobe.Doctor dod operate her and her biposy came adencarcionma well diff.They were unable to find cancer orgin.she was digonsed 5 yrs uterus cancer and was in remission for 5 yrs. Doctors are not sure it is mets from uterus or new primary cancer.is anyone have same experice.can lung cancer are grafe 1.what are survival for stage 1 lung cancer. Ta kymar

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It is very rare that they catch a lung cancer so she is in a good spot. Also, the fact that the cells are well differentiated means that it hasn't had time yet to become as aggressive as it might be.  I've met stage one survivors who have survived 18 & 20 Years.  at a stage one this is considered curable.  They will follow her for at least 5 years before they make that determination.  

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