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Dilation attempt from below - through feeding tube opening?

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My endo doc tried to do a dilation of my esophagus (upper) entering from my mouth / throat per normal procedure, but could not do anything. I am seeing another doc, and as I understand it his plan is to go in through the opening in my stomach where my feeding tube is now. Anyone ever hear of this or know anything about it?






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Yes dilation can be done this way.  But it takes two doctors.  One to go down the throat and the other to go thru the feeding tube and up.  Our specialist explained this to us when he thought that this was what my husband needed, but thankfully he was able to open it going down his throat.  Radiation damage the first time around completely closed off his throat and during surgery to remove his larynx the specialist had to reconstruct the back of his throat.  During the second round of radiation for a tumor at the cervical of his esophagus, the radiation once again closed off the back of my husband's throat but the specialist was able to open it this time with only going down his throat.  Although it didn't work for long and my husband's throat is closed off again and he will be on a feeding tube for the rest of his life.  They won't try it again because the tumor is back and larger at the cervical of his esophagus and surgery is not an option.

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I'm down for the same op I'm just waiting for my surgery date. I've had two endoscopies down the throat but it didnt work. They explained they would go up through my peg tube site at the same time go down the throat something to do with a light and try to match the ends. If my blockage is straight they can go through if it's twisted they can't. Reminds me of the digging of the channel tunnel builders started each end of the tunnel and met spot on. If they can't get through the PEG they will make a small incision in my tum. 

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just noticed this is an old posting so hopefully you have had the surgery how successful was it

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