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Chemo Teeth

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My son is a survivor and he is now experiencing bad chemo teeth. Lucky we have insurance but still can't afford to get them fixed. Is there anyone who knows of a place that will help him? I really hate to ask but he is only 6 and due to the cancer like disease he had (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis), he won't have any teeth on his lower left jaw.


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Is there a dental school attached to a hospital anywhere nearby?   I am in Iowa and we have the UIHC School of Dentristy in Iowa City, IA. I'd check that out.  UIHC is a research and teaching hospital so I'd check into that type. Sorry I don't know what state you are in to offer a suggestion in your area.

Good Luck!

PS: I have Sjogrens and went thru chemo lymphome treatment in 2012. Between the two of those, my teeth got shot so I am looking at major oral surgery and dentures. And my medical insurance won't cover it.  Glad yours does at least some of it.

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