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Brain Cancer in Iraq

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I am a combat veteran that served twice in Iraq. During my tours I was exposed to many things as a gunner. I had constant headaches and the medics would say drink water with a Advil. There was no cat scans or MRI's. I started noticing my right hand was weak and I dropped the dumbell in the MWR gym. After the tour I went back to work and ended up on short term disability. I went through physically therapy. The chiropractor said I should get an MRI. I had to wait 45 days to see a Nuerologist at the Veterans hospital. I was diagnosed with Thalamic Glioma, an inoperable tumor. During my 2 and 8 months of battling brain cancer. They denied my claim at the DAV 3 times. One doctor from C&P said they have a list of cancers. If your specific cancer is not on the list, then you will get denied. If it's not one thing, it's another. During my chemotherapy and radiation, they had me on steroids close to 3 years. Now I have osteoporosis and avascular necrosis in my shoulder. I eventually tapered off the steroids. The oncologist told me I needed more radiation and chemotherapy. I denied the treatment and researched on my own. He thought that he can tell me what to do. Nope! Chemo and Radiation kills your good cells and bad cells. At the end of the day I'm my own doctor. God is so amazing that I am now in remission because of my researching. 

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Is there such thing as a cancer list? 

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There is a list of types of cancer for disability that list types of cancers that are automatically approved for disability if that's what you mean. You don't have to wait as long to qualify.

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The list is on SSA Disability's "Compassionate Allowances" is pretty easy to search. Good Luck


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