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Hi i wanted to ask if there is anyone who has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer that has spread. I have a family member that just found out he has small cell lung cancer. Going from being a pretty much healthy guy to being told he has small cell lung cancer that has spread to the bone. Any information would be helpful because i am not giving up this battle.

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I have stage iv that has metastisized to hip spine and ribs. What kind of info are you looking for. This is a rough diagnosis. I wish your fsmily memeber the best. I am determinned to fight, too.


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Hi! My hubby, 47, was healthy, never sick, and constantly on the move. He was diagnosed the day before Thanksgiving 2013 with small cell lung cancer that has spread to his upper right arm bone and the right side of his sacrum, or spine/hip where it fractured his back after eating away at the bone marrow in his spine. He has been through 9 chemo treatments and will begin brain radiation tomorrow as a preventative measure. (Chemo doesn't go to the brain and this type of cancer tends to hide in the brain). The last PET Scan he had (2 weeks ago) showed that the cancer is almost completely gone. Unfortunately he'll be on chemo the rest of his life, as this type will come back, mutated, with a vengeance. He's not too thrilled about it, but is doing what he can so he'll be around for our 7 year old. He has chemo every third week (3 days each cycle) with a dose of bone strengthener every other treatment. my hubby went from being diagnosed late November, to using a walker just to walk to the bathroom in early-mid December, to being off the walker in January after just one treatment. Now he's back to where he can play with our son! He still can't do what he used to-his fractured back prevents him from doing being too active and still causes him pain-and he gets winded very easily. Pneumonia is a constant worry for us. he's had it twice since he's had cancer. Keep your head up and your family member's spirits high! It is beatable!! Don't let them feel sorry for themselves or get depressed. I know it's inevitable that there will be some depression, but try your best! our hardest time was the first month. Hubby got really depressed because he couldn't even put his socks on by himself. This is a guy that is a painter by trade (so he's constantly up and down and moving ladders), played softball, would get out and play back-yard football with the teenage boys in the neighborhood, golfs, fishes, and does lots of other activities, so you can imagine what going from being able to do all that to not even able to put your socks on without your 7 year old helping will do to your feeling of self-worth. I had to be strong for all 3 of us. But, like I said it's beatable and you just have to be strong!! If you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be glad to listen!! Good luck!!! 

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Hi Puppet!

have they discusses a vertebaplasty or kyphoplasty to help repair to vertebrae?

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At first they said something about putting the cement stuff in to seal the crack, but the last thing we were told was that it will take 2-3 years for his back to heal.

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 just wondering your husband seems really young and active as well was just wondering how he discovered he had cancer ?