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Swollen Lymph nodes neck/groin

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Hello, wondering if anyone has any comments on my health as the doctors seem to think everything’s normal?  i have had for the past year swollen lymph nodes in the groin area...no pain, i am quite thin so they are noticeable without having to touch.  id say a bit bigger than a marble, cant really move them and they are hard.  Also for about the same amount of time i have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck (under chin L & R side) they did a scan in feb 2014 when i figured i should probably bring this up to my doctor.  the scan showed 1.7cm and 1 cm side nodes but nothing to worry about? My doctor sent me to an ENT and he asked for a CT scan of neck area only which shows the nodes slightly more enlarged, the nurse just called me and didn’t sound worried but mentioned my blood work came back and the lymphocytes are still slightly elevated. i now have to go back to the ENT in 7 days for a follow up...whatever that means.  in the meantime i contacted my GP as i found a round slightly movable lump in my left breast, bigger than a marble and i asked do i need to go see another doctor and perhaps the CT scan should be full body. she refused to do that as its too much radiation.  so to sum it up i have swollen nodes in my neck/groin (9-12 months) and perhaps breast (6 weeks)....no other symptoms, always tired but i work alot....I’ve noticed aches in my groin area and now my breast but nothing really painful and only last a few seconds.  btw im 31 year old female, with ovarian cancer on my dad’s side (gran past away at 62) and my mother’s brother had breast cancer (survived) - the ENT hasn’t even asked me about cancer history in my family.....any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Get a new doctor.

A lump in the breast is never irrelevant, at least that is what the breast cancer survivors whom I have known have told me. Ideally, a person would never need a CT scan for anything, and the fewer the better, but there are times when scanning must be done.  To simply refuse a scan because you had a previous one is bizarre sounding to me, since so many cancer patients have to get scans every few months, depending on what is going on in their treatment.  Good grief ! Why did she not at least recommend a mamo ?

As I said, I would be headed to the Yellow Pages...


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Go to an oncologist - now! Only an oncologist is qualified to diagnose this.

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