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Pain after male sling surgery

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Six months ago I had an operation for prostate cancer. After six months I still had a severe incontinence  and decided to implement a so called Male Sling. This surgery was performed some three weeks ago and the problem with incontinence seems to be solved. I am not using any pads and urinating is close to normal. 
But I have terrible problem with pain in the tip of the penis and the skin of the scrotum. Other pain from the operation has gradually disappeared. My doctor say that are no signs of inflammation or allergic reaction and that the problem probably is connected with cutting of some nerves during the operation and that the problem will disappear. The pain is still unbearable and I want to know if this is a normal reaction after such an operation?


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I am just surprised that you made that decision after 6 months, My doctor told me to do nothing for 2 years.

Eight years later as of yesterday ---still incontinent. Every situation is so different?? Wish you the best.



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Thank you for your comments

After removal of prostata I had a situation with stress incontinence that I felt terrible with change of pampers four to five times per day. We couldn't go a restaurant, visit friends and when we were out shopping I had to count how many times I was able to go out of the car before my pampers were complitely full. 

I found the quality of life was so much reduced that I had do do something. My doctor recommended this Male Sling Argus and the surgery took some one and a half hour with spinal anestisia. After the surgery I had a week to find out of the functionality and after a small adjustment a week after everything concerning continence works perfectly.

Now two months later I must admit that my quality of life has increased to almost normal. I haven't used a single pamper since the operation and the pain I mentioned is gradually improving.

What you tell about eight years with incontinence would have been like a nightmare for me.


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