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Today, I am angry....at my former Dr....

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In 2006, he sent me for an ultrasound of my liver.  Diagnosis was fatty liver.  He never told me about anything else.  I had already raised my concern about familial kidney cancer. 

I finally got the suite of records from him (after I fired him for missing my near heart attack).  I read them last night.  The report from 2006 mentions a 3cm object on the kidney...which should be investigated.  Well, he never told me!  Had he sent me for a CT scan, I probably would have ended up with a partial instead of a radical, and it would not have metastisties. 

He f***ing ruined my life. 

Ok.  I got that out of my system.  I am NED today....and the pain is from the Nephrectomy site, so I would still have the pain.  But, WTF is wrong with him?  My wife met him once, and did not trust him.  I should always follow up with what my wife says....




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He sounds like a case for lawyers!  But I think that nobody but lawyers win those - unless he can be made never to practice again. 

I am sorry that he missed/neglected to say anything and you had to have radical instead of partial.

BUT you are NED now and "healthy", for which is a wonderfful thing and (even not knowing you) am so glad.

as for always following up on what your wife says...well yeah!  We wives are very smart people

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I do not trust drs. I will get a second and maybe third opinion. Praise God your NED!! Listen to your wife next time.

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That guy should have his license revoked...

btw, out of cuiriosity, I read your profile and in your message here you write NED. I assume that lung nodule you mentioned in the profile was benign or did you have metastasectomy down the road?


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Good Morning DHS!

The things we learn along the way...your post is a reminder of the importance of getting copies of reports each time.  That is something I never thought of until my husband's recurrance.  He still scowls at me every time I request copies of his scans, lab reports, etc.--but I still ask and don't leave the office until I have them!!

I agree with others who have said that you would be justified to lodge a complaint with the hospital or medical board...and I agree with you that your should always listen to your wife.           ~Sharon

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don't look back. Move forward. You'll do better being happy.

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So sorry for what you went through, but I agree with Fox, being angry takes a whole lot more energy than being happy!  Hopefully only smiles for you from hear on out!

                                     Prayers of good health!


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Basically, I would need to prove that 1) ignoring a small mass on the kidney was wrong, not in hindsight, but from the context that these things pick up things all the time, and 2) that the mistake caused real damages.  Skipping question 1, I still would have had the tumor removed....possibly with a partial instead of a radical.  But, limited damages there.  The fact that the tumor metastized is a stronger case, but since it was removed surgically, and I am currently NED, limitted damages there (unless it comes back).  with Virginia law, I can probably get reimbursed for my expenses, except the insurance companies will most of it, and the lung metasectamy was done at NIH, which did not cost me anything. 

So, I can sue, and if I win, I might get 5k.  Oh, the lawyer would get about 20k (ins co would get about 60k).   Apparently, VA is not a good state from a patient perspective.



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But what is done is done. Don't waste any energy on that moron of a doctor. At least you are NED now. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.

At least you are no longer in his care!



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First of all, I am sorry you have had to even go through all this. You can decide if you want to sue or not, but what you CAN do is write a letter to the Medical director where he works, and/or report this to the State Board AND to your insurance. My guess is that he may have been neglectful not only for you but others. They need to be made accountable. Just saying..

Hang in there and heal up~

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Ignoring a 3cm mass where the report said needs further investigation is wrong period. No forsight or hindsight is needed. At 3 cm it needed to be investigated not watch and wait. Discovering it a few years later when it was 5,5cm not only put you in the risk zone for mets actually turned into mets after your neph. At 3 cm you probalbly had RCC any way. At 5.5 cm you were at risk for mets amd they in fact occured. The lawyer you consulted with needs a little education on RCC to see that ignoring a 3cn nass on the Kidney was wrong and in fact made your situation worse.



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