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12 year Ultrasound

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The following is my recent ultrasound report. Does anybody see anything wrong with it? 


RENAL SONOGRAPHY:Indication for examination: Renal Cell Carcinoma. BPH with obstruction.

Comparison is made with an MIU study dated 08/15/2013 revealing no significsnt interval change. The left kidney currently measures 11.8x6.1x8.4cm. I see no abnormalities of contour or configeration. No discrete or diffuse cortical pathology is observed. There is no evidence of hydronephrosis or indwelling calculi. Perinephric soft tissues are intact.

One image of the left renal fossa fails to demonstrate an abnormal mass or fluid collection.


Ongong sonographically normal appearance of right kidney. The patient is status post left nephrectomy.



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You couldn't ask for a better description of nothing happening.  Glad to hear the results were great.

Most all the terminology can be found individually on the net.  Put the words together and you'll have a good concept of what the report covers.


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Think you need to change radiologists. How can they tell how big your left kidney is when it is gone!   Unless I misunderstand something!!

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My Urologist said it was a great report as did Donna. I picked up a copy of the report on my way out and like Phredswife I noticed that the measurement of my left kidney was off as I do not have a left kidney.




Phredswife's picture
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So glad they didn't make that mistake when they did your nephrectomy! LOLSmileAwesome your results were so great though


todd121's picture
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What's the difference?

What do you want from these guys? Ability to tell their right from their left? Quality control? :)

Geez! Some people.


angec's picture
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Way to go, Iceman! So glad to hear it!  I know you were one of the first people to answer when i first posted about my mom in 2012.  You made me feel confident that there were treatments out there that can help her.  I am glad to see that things are going good for you and you are still helping others! keep up the good work!!



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Yowzer!! I wonder when they dictate what happens that such mistakes are made.

I had mistakes like that before my surgery, by 2 different radiologists. The worse was saying the Left kidney was unremarkable but in the very next sentence described the tumor in the Left kidney. Made me nervous, but surgeon know which was whichs.. AND he made each of these radiologists AMEND the report. So make sure that you see Medical records and have them make an amendment to your record.

Otherwise, good report! Good for you 12 years!!!


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..."The most boring imaging I have analyzed this year and Im not really sure why we even did this. Actually its so NED Im not even bothered about what organs are located where..." :-D

Grats on that Iceman :-)


Posts: 66
Joined: Oct 2013

Good Morning, Iceman!

You are the first person I have heard of who had their kidney regenerate after nephrectomy...amazing!   Seriously, Congratulaitons on a great report!!  Looks like you will be here for a long time sharing with and encouraging others.                 ~Sharon

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Congrats on the wonderful report...and new kidney ;-)

pamstayner's picture
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Makes you wonder.. either the reporting person is SOOO overworked they are blind and confused...OR you are indeed can regenerate body parts... OR they have somebody else's pictures???

I say get a new Doctor too???

I hope you tell your Doctor... it makes me loose faith.

Pam.......Battle On!

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Great report on right kidney. Miraculous report on left kidney ;) I would definitely ask the radiologist what he was thinking, lol.

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Guess I missed your trick question.  You may now deduct a score of twice the value of the question.

I have been dealing with a variety of beloved agencies...banks, insurance companies, military survivor's pension, and most of all Social Security, just trying to get a simple apartment number changed for my mother-in-law. The wait time on hold, the horrible elevator music, the rude agents, the phone trees, the promises to return a call in 10 minutes (55 min when I departed) and they never did call back.  Now I have to go park myself at the local office tomorrow morning. Think I can get my coffee cup past the armed guard?

I won't say they're worse than the VA, but they are getting close.  M-i-L will probably die in hospice care before they get the change made.


foxhd's picture
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Seeing that your scan was not remarkable for any issues, the radiologist or transcriptionist just had a verbal slip. I am sure he(she) wasn't making an error on the interpretation. At least the report didn't mention your ovaries.

Jojo61's picture
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Either way, you are NED!! Unbelievable how many times people here have mentioned the mix up in the left or right in their reports as well. But NED is NED! Hooray!



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Congrats on the good report Iceman. I have my one year exam coming in the next couple weeks. Hard to believe one year has passed since the surgery. But anyhow, expecting to get good news as well. Nothing healthwise to make me think otherwise.


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Congrats on the report

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