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multiple sclerosis or brainstem blood clot

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So now I might have multiple sclerosis or a blood clot at the base of my brainstem.  Huh?  I woke up the morning before last with sensitivity to light in my right eye as well as pain when moving it.  I spent that night in the ER, which included a CT scan and numerous MRIs.  

The last few MRIs were still blurry after 3 more times of 25 minutes each because after laying perfectly still for the first full hour I couldn't quite manage it anymore.  After the technician snottily told me for the second time that we'd already be done by now if I'd just lay still, I told her that we were indeed done.  She apparently didn't appreciate being called in but seriously, what part of being "on call" didn't she quite get???  

I'm to report to the opthamologist at 8 am.

I also flunked a color test in that eye but have better vision in it currently.  This sounds fairly horrible, all in all.  Have you ever experienced pain and light sensitivity in one eye with no obvious reason? 



p.s. --does it ever end? UndecidedWinkSmile


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no experience dear Sister in Pink - Just wanted to give you a HUGE cyber hug.    Hoping for some good news.

Please keep us posted -

Prayers, and positive thoughts.

Vicki Sam

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In Oct, 2010, suddenly I got horrendous pain (probably the worst pain I have ever felt

) around and behind my right eye.  Was a real surprise as headaches are not somehing I've had to deal with.  I tried tylenol, then Vicodan, then Oxy and none helped at all.  I did some reading and found that in some cases Dexamethazone (I still had a few from chemo time) could help with pain - so I took one and it did great, pain gone.  The next day I was going to the Women's Retreat being held at my VA facility so if I felt I needed more immediate care all I had to do was walk into Urgent Care for care.  As it turned out, my PA was part of the Retreat Staff so I got to talk to her personally.  She got me scheduled in with the Eye Dr Mon morn and an MRI a bit later in the day.  Absolutely nothing 'strange' showed up and as the Dex was working to control the pain, it was decided that for some unknown reason, a nerve was 'irritated'.  I took 2 weeks of Dex with no more problems.  None after I was done with Dex either.  



My experince defintely may/probably not be what you're experienceing but might be something to pass on to to your Drs if they don't find your answers.
















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Double Whammy
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I did have significant light sensitivity many years ago when I was a young woman.  I remember it clearly because the sensitivity to light would make me blink and I'd then develop double vision.  My mom had MS and some docs took that seriously.  It's my understanding that all that was because of the double vision and that double vision is often a symptom of MS, but not light sensitivity alone or eye pain. 

You must be very frightened because neither of those possibilities you mention are anything you want to have. Sometimes I wonder why "they" feel the need to tell us these things until they know what's up.   Hope this gets resolved very soon and it resolves all by itself. 

Oh, prior to my diagnosis of breast cancer, I was seeing the ophthalmologist to rule out eye cancer.  Really?  Scared the you know what outa me. 

Please report your ophthalmology visit as soon as you can.


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Thank you everyone for your support!  I arrived at the dr's office but they only made me an appointment to come back on Wednesday.  How silly of the ER to tell me to just be there at 8 am...  Today a new symptom, some cloudiness in that eye on occasion.  Still having almost perfect vision in it though, which I have never had before!



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I am one of those lucky souls who has hit what I call the "medical jackpot." I was diagnosed with MS about 4 years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first symptom of MS was a bout of Optic Neuritis. The following is from the NMSS website:


"The visual symptoms that occur in MS may be the result of optic neuritis — inflammation of the optic nerve — or lesions (damaged areas) along the nerve pathways that control eye movements and visual coordination. Optic neuritis may result in blurring or graying of vision, or blindness in one eye. A scotoma or dark spot may occur in the center of the visual field.

Optic neuritis is almost always self-limiting, and affected individuals generally make a good recovery. Studies suggest that treatment with intravenous methylprednisolone, sometimes followed by a tapered course of oral steroids, may be useful."

If your doctor has any suspicion that your vision problem is MS related he would likely order an MRI, visual evoked potentials (VEP) and possibly a lumbar puncture. You may also want to google the term "McDonald Criteria." That is the gold standard for diagnosing MS. You should also remember that there are a number of diseases and problems that mimic MS such as B-12 deficiency, Lyme Disease and lupus amongst others. Hopefully you have something that is not MS. I wish you luck. Please keep us posted.



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I haven't had your symptoms but just wanted to say good luck!!!  Big hugs!!!

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