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pan coast cancer on upper right lung-copd

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My husband has a pancoast upper right lung tumor.  Chemo sessions, 33 radiation treatments and the tumor has only slightly shrunk in size.  He has copd and is not fit for surgery.  We are going to try another session of chemo.  He is home now trying to gain his strenght and gain some weight back.  He has no appetite, his food pipe is inflamed.  He is drinking fluids, but no appetite and he can even seem to force food down. He is only 68 yrs old and he just seems to be fading away on me.  The tumor is now pressing on his T1 & 2 vertabras.  He goes through nightly night sweats and is now coughing up alot of phlem.  Any suggestion or infomation, greatly appreciated.  Thank-you

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Did they test for useful mutations! The other would be getting a second opinion at a teaching hospital.  

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I'm sorry things are going so badly right now.

Have the onco docs talked about genetic mutations or immunotherapy?  There are a lot of great trials going on.

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