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unknown primary, scc secondary in the axillary

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Heya, finished radium 8 weeks ago after full lymph node removal from the armpit. Still no primary detected. Lymphoma is now present but the pain through my arm seems like arthritis in the bones and joints including my hand. My physio said its not pain from lymphoma and pointed me towards arthritis instead. The onset of the pain was very sudden. I'm only 44 fairly active with no previous history of arthritis. 


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5 weeks ago both of my legs went numb, slurred speech and heavy arms.  I could not stand up so ambulance took me to the Hospital.  Test revealed no stroke but I complained about lower back pain that I was in therapy for.  MRI revealed a lesion on my lower spine.  We immediately transferred to MD Anderson.  They did every scan, urine and blood test that exist.  They did not find a primary but they did find several spot abnormalities on my spine, femur and ribs.  My feet, ankles, shoulder, ribs and back hurt all the time.  We are desperately awaiting a biopsy to determine if the lesion is malignant.  Was told it is in a risky area so assuming that might be the delay.  Anyone have similar issues?

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I had numb arm and pain in back of neck totally out of the blue.
After tests, X-rays, ct's, mri's, it was found to be secondary in my bone/spine which was removed and replaced with metal.
Primary was traced to bowl which I am now starting chemotherapy for this month.

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