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Update on my sister

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My sister was diagnosed in Dec with stage 4 colon cancer spread to her liver.  She went through chemo for 3 months then had surgery on her liver and her colon.  She has not been able to get over her surgery.  She has been very nausea and not able to eat and her wound has not healed.  They have put a wound vac on her and put a feeding tube in her to help her get over the hump.  She went back to the surgeron this week and got bad news.  Her tumor has came back and has grown in like 3 weeks.  Their last hope is to start her back on chemo hoping that will reduce the tumors.  If her wound starts to open back up or if her body is not able to handle the chemo since she is so weak they will have to discontinue it.  They are starting the chemo at a lower dose than she had before.  They are hoping that the tumor will shrink and her nausea will pass.  

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I'm sorry to hear this sad news. I wish both of you and the entire family the strength to deal with this.


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I hope she regains her strength so she can fight this. This is such a horrible disease that not only affects the patient, but the family as well. Take care.


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I do so hope that your sister starts to heal. I know how the Doctor's don't like to start chemo until healing has occured, but in this case, it is obviously very serious. 

I pray that she will gain the strength to heal, and that you and all who love and care for her, can be as positive for her as you can be. A happy face and a positive attitude can help a person no end. 

May comfort in this trying time, come to all of you. 


Cathleen Mary
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Oh, there is a lot on your plate. Prayers for strength and clarity. These are hard decisions. She is so lucky to have your help and support on this journey.  Just 'being there' in myriad ways is huge.

Prayers the she will be able to tolerate the chemo and hope for healing.



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