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Marker continues to rise

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Went to the doctor this week.  My CA 125 went from 905 to 1441.  I was hoping for less than 1200.  I continue to feel good and have no symptoms.  The doctor was not concerned about the number.  He said he has seen the number go to 100,000 on some people before they need treatment.  He talked about when the number doubles, that is a concern.  So my number doubled in the last 7 months.  He was not concerned about it. 

It will be  a year in July since I had my last CAT scan.  So the plan is the repeat the CAT scan and the lab tests the middle of July.   That is the longest I have ever gone without a scan since my diagnosis.  This will be scan number 20 for me.    In the meantime we are going to go on our Norway Cruise and enjoy the trip.  We will fly into Amsterdam and spend a few days there before and after the cruise.  The pictures of the fjords on the internet look beautiful.  I am looking forward to the trip very much. 

Been working in my garden and enjoying that very much.  The spring flowers have been beautiful.  I enjoy seeing what new is blooming every day.  Although it is still Spring it feels very much like summer here in Illinois.

Hope you all are doing well.  In peace and caring. 

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Ro, go and enjoy that trip!  I back packed through Europe back in 1992 and you are going to love it!  If you get to go travel on your own at all I would recommend checking out "Europe through the back door" by Rick Steves.  It was our blue print for our treck and there were little Rick Steves followers everywhere we went.

Dang about that number.  I know doctors tell us not to worry about the numbers but we do as it is always lurking in the back of our minds somewhere. 

The fjords of Norway!  Amsterdam!  Enjoy!!

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Ro, I always love your positive outlook!  Enjoy your cruise!   That sounds so relaxing!   So glad you are feeling good and no symptoms!   

I wish I knew how to plant flowers but really don't have a green thumb.  Its funny, too, because my mom and dad always had a flower garden and a vegetable garden.

Anyway, enjoy that trip!

Thinking of you.


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That darn CA125, it jumps starts us all to the scared zone...darn it!  I've gone thru it but never that high.  Knowing you've seen this before and know it's not always a sure thing to be cancer.  Do you think it's not a good marker anymore?  Mine had gone up a few months after my first few treatments..doc told me it may not be good for me anymore.  As well doc told me -- I ONLY TREATMENT THE PATIENT, NOT THE NUMBER!!!

Hope you have a fabulous trip to Norway...it sounds like a great time!!!  Enjoy it and don't think about what's happening with your health...time to relax!!  

Hugs my friend,


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Enjoy that cruise, Ro!  I am so sorry the numbers are still rising, but it's how you feel that's so important and if you feel good, then turn your face to the sun and enjoy that holiday!  I am envious as I haven't been to Amsterdam or the fjords yet (it's on the cruise list!). 

Time enough to think about scans etc once you're back, refreshed.

Have a wonderful time.

Helen xx

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