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Frankincense.... anyone tried this?

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OK, as you all know I am not a great believer in any of this holistic/alternative/homeopathic/naturopathy ****, it belongs to those hippy sorts who indulge in yoga, pot smoking, chanting and all those other things spiritual.............. which I AM NOT!  However, I am breaking-in a couple of ponies for carriage driving and their owner is all into this crap and she gave me a couple of samples of so called 'Essential oils'  (yeah, how essential are these when I managed without them for the past 52 years?).    I read the instructions and sniffed it a couple of times yesterday  (couldn't be bothered to mix it with olive oil, as I didn't believe it was worth the effort) today, I took 3 good sniffs .... Telling you, I have not felt so good or alive in YEARS!

Just wanted to share (no idea if this is any good for cancer, but it sure is good for my mind and depression)   J xxxxx


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Tasha, I've become a huge aromatherapy geek in recent years, and have so many essential oils now that I may need to move to a bigger house!  Surprised  

I never put them on my skin, or ingest them, or do anything else with them that could be medically questionable -- I just enjoy their scent.  I have aromatherapy diffusers (simple machines that you just fill with plain ol' tap water) in both my bedroom and my office.

If you're interested in trying out any other essential oils, my favorite to lift my mood when I'm feeling blue or cranky is geranium (often called rose geranium).  It mixes beautifully with grapefruit essential oil -- that's one of my favorite personal blends  Sweet orange is also excellent -- and all the citrus oils have the added bonus of being inexpensive.  To pep up if you're feeling sluggish, rosemary and peppermint are both great.  And lavender is great for relaxing.

I've found the most inexpensive place to buy good-quality essential oils is online through Puritan's Pride (www.puritan.com).  I buy all my oils there, and highly recommend them.


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I have used oils to help me sleep over the years ..    Traci - wow, Puritan's Pride website what a FIND!

Continued success for all.


Vicki Sam


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