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Pink bus

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Hi y'all I'm a newbie,

I had regular mammo & then 2biopsies.  I was set for lumpectomy w/radiation & chemo but 2nd biopsiy showed the 2smaller spots were cancer-so now mastectomy.

im doing dbl mastectomy cause I don't want to revisit this again-today I meet w/plastic surgeon for reconstruction appt evaluation.

i get so anxious w/any appts concern im my cancer which is NCIS for now stage 0 but I was certain it was just fibro cystic disease I've had forever, unfortunately I was wrong.

anyone else done dbl mastectomy w/reconstruction?  Now have to have 2 surgeries.   Does anyone know how long the wait is between?

also my surgery isn't even scheduled, surgeon is saying sometime in July.  6/11 I am having a Gene Sight test done-by oral swab they can tell which psychotropics ur body will respond too as well as pain meds which my doc is interested in both because when I stop PREMERIN I get so depressed I can't get out of bed-anyone else experience this?

and quitting smoking Monday - surgeon wants me off cigs for at least 2-3 weeks b4 surgery


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I have no advice or experience with mastectomy, I am a lumpectomy girl. 

I am sorry that we had to meet this way, but welcome. Lots of love, support and advice here.

I will be on your pink bus whenever it rolls. Wine and chocolate are my specialties.


Cyber hugs,



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Sorry no advice..I have had two lumpectomies on the same side andn no PS to even up the side. I am sure you'll get some helpful advice from others.



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