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grade 4 glioblastoma-multiforme

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I'm looking for information on a time line from the beginning of diagnosis up until treatment on GBM IV.  My father was diagnosed on mothers day, a Sunday. Two days later, Tuesday, he had a biopsy performed simply for confirmation although the doctors felt confident in the type of tumor he had. They said it would be 4-10 days for the results to come in. Thursday, 2 days later he was sent home, with anti seizure medication and an appointment with his oncology team 7 days from then on the following Thursday.  2 days after being sent home, a saturday, he had a seizure and a massive brain hemorrhage.  There was nothing they could do so he went into palliative care and passed 8 days later. 

I strongly feel like this could have  been avoided if the doctors worked quicker and had better processes in place. I'm unable to find anything on line regarding a time line of procedures. I'm a newbie to this, confused and upset and trying to make sense of this all. Any advice or help you can offer would be appreciated. 


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Hi. My uncle died from glioblastoma two years ago. When he was first diagnosed it took about 3 weeks from initial examination until actually performing the surgery. He lived for exactly a year after surgery, suffering a lot especially during the last month. Keep in mind, though, that I am in Greece and things here aren't exactly as normal as in the US.

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