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I am fit to be tied!

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Just what is is about the so called medical profession?  They are slowly driving me round the bend!  2 weeks ago they booked me for an MRI at a hospital  an hour and a half away for 9o'clock at night  W.T.F. ?  I told them to stuff that where the sun doesn't shine, there is no way, I am generally falling asleep by 8.30pm.  So they rebooked me for another MRI  at 7pm, better, but not much.  THEN  I have an appt to see my onco,  MY ONCO!  and end up seeing some strange bloke I have never seen before AND he arrived very late for the appt!   THEN.......3 days later  I get a requisition, through the mail, informing me that I must have blood tests, writing totally inelligible so no idea when.  This was not discussed at all during the onco appt.  I am so mad, just feel like screaming!

Rant over.  thanks for listening.  J xxxxxYell

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Rant away....nerve wracking for sure...



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about this fiasco! Major screw up in your 'CARE'...  lack of empathy as well.

I am positive you are very much like myself, and have no issue relaying that you are 1.5 hours away from MRI facility - and prefer to have appointments, labs and testing done on the very same day. It is difficult at best to drive back and forth, or get someone to haul your happy asssss around... understanding your frustration, and anger.Undecided

Keep your Spirits up - and Rant, scream and YELL whenever possible.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam

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I am so sorry that you are having a difficult time.  Rant away!!!  You have come to the right place.  Smile Big (((hugs)))!!!!

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