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Wish I had requested the pink bus for today. . . .

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I had thougtht I would request the pink bus for today, as I had my 6 month mammo and followup visit with the surgical oncologist, but I got busy with the weekend holiday and forgot..  Ended up that I was there from 9 am - 3:30 pm today. What a ride!!!  When I kept sitting there and sitting there, I thougtht something might be amis..  A little while later, they called me back to take some more pictures.  I ask what did they see?  And the tech indicated that they saw something and circled it and wanted magnified pics.  So we did the lovely procedure again, but in more detail.  Then it was wait some more until the pics were read and then the radiologist called me back.  Said he saw an area with some more microcalcifications  near a previous  spot of a 2010 biopsy.  Now this is the opopposite breast  from last years', micorcalcifications turned abnormal hyperplasia, turned to cancer diagnosis.  So he wants to now compare today's films with the 2010 films to see if this particular spot has made any changes.  He wants to monitor this very closely.  So has anyone else out there had somelthing pop up in a previously biopsoied site four years later?  I don't think I'm too worried, but then again, I wasn't worried last year and that led to surgery and 7 weeks of radiation.  Knew I should have requested the pink bus.  I will from now on

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we'll catch you on the next PINK bus journey! I do not have any experience as you...so no advice..just thinking of you...

sometimes so many appt we forget to book the bus


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I am new to this site. Can someone explain what the pink bus is?

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Is a request made for reasons of prayers, love and support. The bus brings us altogether for some fun where we share jokes, chips and drinks. It's always nice when we as sisters can  reach out to each other, no matter how far we may be from each other.


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yes i went for mri told that they see something next too last site going for biopsy again on july 2 i hope all is well for you pray for me i pray for you dont get on much always working running around

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I developed a large invasive tumor at the site of calcifications that were biopsied 2 yrs earlier.  I blamed my doctor for not watching more closely.  Please make sure they stay on top of this.


I know you'll be fine.  Just something else to worry about!  Prayers to you!

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I had two core biopsies done two years ago due to a cluster of micro calcifications found on my mammogram.  They took a lot of samples. It all came back benign.  I was in an accident on March 3, 2014 and breast planted the steering wheel. No airbags went off. That resulted in pain and swelling in my breasts. Over two months I just thought maybe I really injured my left breast because it still seemed sore.  I noticed that I was having a little pain when I would walk and my arm brushing up again the outside of the breast felt like a bruise being touched. Then I noticed a swelling in the areola and changes. I told my husband and off we went back to see my surgeon/breast specialist.  They did an immediate mammo and whoala something's cooking and it was in the same place but more.  They did the biopsies and my results were given to me on July 3, 2014. Invasive Mammary Carcinoma and high grade DCIS in SItu. I am happy abut the insitu part but the Invasive Mammary Carcinoma has me in hives.  I have no idea if this has travelled outside the breast. I will find out today as it is my first visit with the oncologist.  My stomach has been hurting every since I went into the results consult with the surgeon.  He has gone back and had extensive re reads on the past mammos and biopsies to see what and if anything was missed and it wasn't.  So, my false sense of everything was benign and just dense breasts went out the door and I am extremely dissappointed as anyone would be. I am a mom of 4 kids - my daughters are 19 (twins) Courtney and Kaylin, my oldest son is 17 Nicholas (Nick) and my youngest is 13 Zackary (Zack.) I have been married for twenty years to my best friend Chad and am 43 years old. We all have been diagnosed with breast cancer, not just myself.  I look forward to all the support and wisdom within this site. We all need guidence.  I am honestly a bit of a mess today. But I am trying to keep it together. 


Hugs to all in the Club of hope,

Bonnie :)

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I didn’t hear about Pink Bus before, I guess I’m missing a lot, it sounds like an awesome idea, is there other requests similar to the Pink Bus for cancer patients?

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The “Pink Bus” is used by many online breast cancer support groups to help those who need buoying up in a virtual sense on their journey. I “google” the words “breast cancer “pink bus” and could not find any history. There were many busses painted pink for awareness.

There are many groups I am certain that will claim the “Pink Bus” as their own. One site on the internet claimed introduction to the “Pink Bus” went back to the Sept/Oct 2005 article in WebMD magazine.

In my original online breast cancer support group, it was Nancy R who introduced it back in 2001 for one of our members. The “Pink Bus” was to accompany Lynne for her first treatment of Herceptin in early 2001.  This was a new drug at the time.

Nancy listed all the items to comfort Lynne from a cashmere afghan to an Elvis cape to go around her shoulder. Sixty-one plus women traveled ... “will be right there with you in spirit. We hope this magical bus had made you smile, and give you something to think about as you start this new road. We love you so much, and I KNOW for sure that each and every one of us would be there in person if at all possible”. Love & hugs, Nancy

This group published a small booklet titled: “Breast Cancer Online: In Our Own Words”. On page 41 “Sharing with Other Survivors” The Bus to Lynne’s Appointment” post is mentioned. It is available to download if you want to read it. The booklet was originally published in 1999.  Reprinted in 2001, the bus trip was not in the original booklet as Lynne’s recurred in April of 2000.


I don’t remember where Nancy picked up the idea of a virtual "Pink Bus" perhaps another online support group or her own vibrant imagination. The bus travelled for years, helping so many women in the support group. When I first saw a mention of the “Pink Bus” in the spring of 2011 on this board, my heart stopped for a second.   I was totally in shock to read that the “Pink Bus” was continuing it’s journey.

BCANS was a grass root operation, conceived by women with breast cancer who attended a support group. The internet was new when they began the support forum in 1996. I logged on in the fall of 1997, posed a question that was never answered. It was not active at all. I went back in February of ‘98 as a lurker and noticed that activity had considerably picked up. My first post was a month later. We were a small group for a long time when the internet was new. All the women became good friends, small enough of a group to know each lady’s story.   By the summer of 2000, Lynne’s prognosis was not good but, she kept her Pollyanna attitude until the end.  She died in January of 2005 and the next few years, so many women on the forum dealing with stage IV succumb to this disease. Those who had been there from the start and continue to do well began to post less and less.

The BCANS lost their funding and voted to close in the fall of 2010. Many of us are on Facebook, a closed group for old members of BCANS to keep in touch. When someone had mentioned the “Pink Bus” in the spring of 2011. I mentioned to the group that it was still around on another support board.

The “Pink Bus” brought back memories of my old forum and outlasted it. The “Pink Bus” continues it’s purpose to help women with breast cancer issues who have a need of virtual support.

Won’t it be a grand day when the “Pink Bus” is rusty from lack of usage and repairs, gathering cobwebs in some forgotten bus junkyard of a time long past? There won’t be a need, for they will have found a cure. There won’t be any woman or man, young or old who will ever need to know what it is like to request virtual support to accompany them on where they never wanted to go in the first place. A rusty, old bus with a few flakes of pink,  that be a grand sight!




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Thank you Doris for the History of the Pink Bus ....      I suppose that it did and does help many....but when I was going through the first few years of surgery and treatment etc I reached out to nobody except my friends at church and talked on the phone with my family.   You said something about   BCANS?? and I didn't understand that part....what does BCANS stand for?  Thanks, Glo

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BCANS was a grassroot forum that began to help women with breast cancer issues.  The initials stand for Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia and when the internet was new there were so few place one could join to ask questions, learn answers and etc.  This Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) group met locally and decided to go online.  When they lost their funding around 2010, they closed the forum.  Some of the old members have join a Facebook group, so we still are able to talk with each other.  



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Dear Grandmabeth,

I've been called back for more images of microcalcification several times but they left it at that, so I can't be any help for you.

I have lung, pleura and bone mets and no longer have mammograms.  I have enough ct scans that if they did see something, they could flag it to look further.

Wishing you the best,


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seeding and biopsy ....  a friend told me about it after i had the biposy ...

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