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Memorial Day - Take a minute to reflect

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I would like to ask all to take a moment today to remember and Thank those who have made the ultimate sacrafice (their life) to allow us to have the freedom we have in the USA and many other parts of the World.

Memorial Day is not to remember our current A/D, Retired, or Vets but those who made the ULTIMATE sacrifice.  Veterans Day is for us.


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My mother's brother and his crew lost their lives over the South Pacific in World War II.  I have copies of the correspondence between the Department of War and my grandparents from when Stanley was first listed as MIA and then changed to KIA.

The oldest son of my father's cousin Pearl lost his life in the Vietnam War.  I was able to find his name on the Wall in DC.

I fear that the next generations will forget.  I am in education and see a lack of teaching students about our holidays.  The 5th/6th grade social studies teacher doesn't, but I make sure that my 5th grade homeroom knows about them.  It is sad.

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thankful to all

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My father was a Sargent in the Marine Corp ..  semper fi  ...  So Proud to be an American.

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