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Stage 4 lung cancer - treatment question

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I was diagnosed a week ago with Stage 4 lung cancer spread to the T12 in the bone.  To say the very least I was shocked and very scared and have had anxiety and panic attacks ever since.  

My question is this:  I have been given 2 options of treament.  One is:  high dose chemotherapy once every 3 weeks.  Two is:  low dose chemotherapy every week for 6 weeks and radiation directly to the lung 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  They told me the average Stage 4 lung cancer patient livea only 10 to 14 months.  Can anyone give me any advise about which treatment might be best.  

Thank you.  



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With my stage 4 diagnosis I did not know there were options.  My onco recommended we treat most aggressively. That was the lower dose concurrent chemo and radiation.   That was slightly over 3.5 yrs ago. At that time I was told 10-15 months with treatment.    Fifteen months came and went a living time ago and I'm still kicking. I recommend the concurrent chemo and radiation.  In this instance the sum of the parts becomes greater than the whole.  The chemo somehow makes the cancer more susceptible to the radiation.  It can be an extremely exhausting treatment but the pay off is greater.  

Please let us know what you decide.  

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