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Third Cancer Dx CLL after Lymphoma and Thyroid

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So yesterday I saw a cardioologist for a stress test, and he tells me so I see you have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and I said oh really good to know. Then he sent me for an echo and turns out I have heart realted damage from ABVD treatments as a kid, and now wants to send me for an angiogram. Another day anothe dx just figuring out how to deal with it all. He said nothing needs to be done right now but that I will have to have my cbc montitured more closely. Great!!! why not. Kinda laughed at the way I was told, and he said that oh not a big deal it is like prostate cancer in a man it is usually not the cancer that will kill him but the complications that arise from it. So now what? I bit confused. I feel like I have a time bomb waiting to go off, don't know if I like this whole wait and see apporach. Thanks Good Time...




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Hi Cole74,

  I'm so sorry about your new Dx of CLL. It's not uncommon to do watchful waiting with this type of cancer, at least from what I have read about it. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with it last year and was told treatment wouldn't be necessary at this time. She goes in every 6 months for blood work to check her white cell counts and so far she is doing fine. It sure catches you off guard though when a doctor just blurts something like that out of the blue. I relapsed with my cancer last month, so I know how hard it is to think about what is ahead and how to treat, or not treat. Quite the range of emotions takes place. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. let us know how things go. Best wishes...Sue

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Hi Almost 60


Thanks for your reply sorry anout to hear of your relapse. At least when you have already had Cancer you know the routine for sure emotions are all over the place. I am trying to keep a sense of humour about it all. Wondering what will happen and when will it be necessay to treat. I figure I may have had symptoms a year ago as my white counts where low for me I usually have a cell count of 12 to 14 and they were 10. My dr and I at that time thought it was odd pluss I had lost 20 lbs out of the blue in a month however, have since gained it all back. My white cell count had come back up, however when the dr told me my diagnosis they where back to 10.6 so alot of fluctuations right now. Guess we just have to make sure they don't get to low. I am so glad for this network!


Cole 74

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