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Oh the fun of mania! Zoom,zoom

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I can weed a garden faster than the speed of bullet.  Who needs sleep when there are so many books to read? Irritable, you think???

After a year of IV steroids, it is official, I am nutso. Wink The shrinks (I get 2 because I am special and the young one seems afraid of my co-morbities and meds) agreed I have to stay on seroquel. 

I am now getting quality sleep and weaning off ativan, which was no longer working anyway.  I am reading way less (kind of miss plowing through books).  My husband claims I am no longer irritable...well I have my days.

My problem is now figuring out my dosage.  Right before chemo, I am down to 25 mg seroquel once a night only.  Right after chemo, I am a whirling dervish.  The docs say I have to play with the seroquel and go up as needed.  Scary for someone who reacts to meds often and badly. 

Chemo yesterday and I took 75 mg (doc suggested 100mg, but I am cautious) and I fell asleep, but woke up with my steroid red face very early.  I will try 100 mg tonight.  Then, in about 2 nights, I will be comatose and weaning way, way down.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?  Getting off steroids is not an option because I have a foreign body type of allergic reaction to perjeta and I am on that for as long as it works.  Anyone need a garden planted?  Lol.

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Yikes - I hope they get this sorted out for you real soon!

Not only could I use a garden planted, but the whole front yard could use some landscaping ever since that drunk driver crashed into and took out my front fence a few months ago along with 4 of my neighbors cars.

Hmm, maybe some of those games where you have to discern the differences between two pics?!! Smile



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I was on steroids feor 7 months. The highest oral dose I was on was 60 mg/day. I used generic Xanax to sleep. I had to figure out that on the highest doses I had to take the whole pill (can't remember the mg). But as I tapered down, I  had to take 1/2 Xanax to sleep.

My last steroid pill was April 29th. I don't know why this time I am so tired and lethargic it's hard to get up to pee, bathe, etc. 

So I have to play with the many meds I am on. I had to stop taking the muscle relaxor at night. Dr. raised my Amitriptyline to 50 mg at night, I had to drop 300 mg of Gabapentin. I am still dragging, but I can at least get up to do stuff.

The bad thing about dropping Gabapentin, is that I have had a  dramatic increase in my nerve damage pain.

So I am right there with you, trying to figure what meds at what dosages for a balance.

I certainly miss that right dosage of Prenisone where I could have enough energy to do what I want, and take my other pills without making me a slug.

It just takes time and monkeying around.

I sure hope you don't experience any terrbile side effects as you monkey around.

I am also bipolar, so we have to becareful of too much antidepressant that will make me manic. I had quite a few minor manic episodes on Prednisone, but no destructive behavior.

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