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Thinking of Sue

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Hi Sue,


Just wanted to pop in and say that I am thinking of you today and always. Biggest hugs.


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Ditto Smile.

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Thanks guys....

 Today was a good day with good news. The eye cancer is NOT in the deep tissue or muscle, so we can for sure go forward with radiation. They made my radiation mask today,and next Wednesday and Thursday they will do the radiation. Seems weird that only 2 treatements will do the trick, but results from Stanfords trials have shown a 95% remission rate and long term results with just 2 "zaps" of radiation. The results have been especially good with Follicular NHL in the eye. So....sounds good to me and  2 treatments beat the heck out of having any chemo! SurprisedThe mask making was a weird process, but nothing frightening or painful. Smelling the permanent marker ink as they drew marks on the mask was the only thing that was irritating...but totally doable. Anyways...after next Thursday I should be all fixed up for the summer and ready to start fishing and being a lazy bum! Smile Thanks for the support and concern. Hope all is well for you Lisha and your enjoying that sweet new grandbaby!  KissLove...Sue

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Yay!  Now what are we going to do with your new magic marker addiction ? Wink 

Super hugs,




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Hi Sue,
That is truely good news! I'm glad that you won't have to deal with chemo...take care sending you HUGE HUGS!!!


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Wow, Sue, that is fantastic! I can only imagine what a relief that news must have been. I am so happy for you and your family. 

Do you get to keep your mask? Maybe you can wear it for Halloween? That would be scary!

After next week, you will be all ready for summer there in your new home on the river. I hope the fish are biting.





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That is wonderful, it's so much what we hoped for.  The thought of it going the other way was hard to deal with.  You must have literally felt pounds of worry and stress just dropping off your body.  And don't forget what I've been saying....don't forget the wine....happy happy happy day CoolCoolCool.

Love, Becky

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This is great news, it is always good to hear good things...I am also astonished that 2 zaps is all it takes, take care of yourself and rest. I will be thinking of you.



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