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The nasty beast is back and I hate it...

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I went today for my liver biopsy and the doctor told me that the cancer has spread to my liver.  He said that chemo and radiation will help to shrink it but surgery is not an option.  I do not know what stage it is.  I will find that out on Weds when I see the oncologist.  Just wanted to share what I know with my pink sisters.







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Double Whammy
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Fill in your own 4-letter word.  So sorry to hear that you have confirmation.  Lots of folks here who are living with advanced breast cancer.  Hope yours responds to treatments with minimal side effects.  Please keep us posted.


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Dear Mommaellen,

You have had a really tough year.  I am so very sorry that you have joined our club, the one no one wants to joing.  Once a bc cell invades another organ (bones, liver, lungs and etc.). it is stage 4.  However there is a lot out there to help shrink it.  My 3rd recurrence was in 2008 and I'm still here.  

Did your oncologist give you a plan.  Once you have one and you are doing something to shrink the awful devil, you will feel better.  Cry is you need to, yell too if it makes you feel better.

Thinking of you as you go back on the journey that you hope was over.  We are here for you.



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This is notnwyere any of us wants to be and the ups and downs can be really hard on you and your family. The tumors in y liver responded well to chemo. It has been my bones that have not responded to treatment oyher than radiation However, CC has responded really well to her treatments.
I am so hopeful that you will respond well to whatever treatments they throw at you!
BTW, Suzanne is 100% correct! This sucks and I just keep hoping for a cure!

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This just sucks!!! I am so sorry. :-( I hate the beast. But don't give up!!!  Kick the dreaded beast across the room!  I am pulling for you. I had liver mets a little over a year ago and I am still here. Fight on!!!   

New Flower
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my heart goes out to you it is a very devastating news, however as Ladies mentioned there are drugs which work and friend who are here for you. Please stay connected and do not loose hope.


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 I do have a question for you all who have been thru this.  Did you have any pain in your right side?  I am having pain in my right side sometimes it is severe.  I am on pain meds to help but I just wanted to know if this is normal.





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I am so very sorry for bad news. I see you are coping well and I admire your attitude.

Big hugs and a lot of positive vibes to you, Carmen

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