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Results after Radical Nephrectomy

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HI. I am a first time user. So please bare with me. Not sure if I have all the correct terms down yet!  A family member has just been diagnosed with Stage T3b Grade 4 (10cm) clear cell cancer with sarcomatoid and rhabtoid features. Had RN and thrombectomy last month. They have been sent for follow up ct In  3 months. I suppose my question is, is that it? Your diagnosed, they cut it out and they say we will see ya down the track? Is there more I should be advocating for? I understand statistics can be out of date and each individual is different, but I would assume that the chances of it spreading are quite high. Not located in the us, so access to trials is limited. The good news is that they were very sick before it was cut out, but have had little or no side effects or symtoms since the op. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

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With that histology your relative should be under intense follow-up.

The risk for re-currence is very high due to the high number of heavy prognostic factors present.



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Where are you located?

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Actually, it may be the preferred treatment for RCC when there is No Evidence of Disease.  I am in a similar boat:  Primary tumor was pT1b grade 4 with sarcomitoid features...At my 6 month scans (my first), they id'd a lung met:  1.5 cm.  That was cut out.  No other treatment.  Now, every three months, I get scanned.

I asked about Adjuvant theropies.  1) there is no approved apporach, and 2) clinical trials are showing no benefit and possibly harm.  There may be a small benefit:  time till recurrance is slightly longer, but time till death is shorter.  And the meds have side effects.

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HI. Thanks for your replies. As a carer you cant help but wonder whether you could be doing more. Seems like we will wait and see. Its time to get on with living again and enjoy the respite from fighting it for a short time.  and of course hope she doesnt have any recurrance and that they got it all. Fingers triple crossed lol. Its hard to find much info for oz. Thanks.

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Glad your family member is recovering so well. Really hope that they got it all. My hubby also had sarcomatoid and rhabdoid morphology. If they start feeling unwell again go for ct scan earlier.   regards Phredswife

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