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Sirod, how are you doing?

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I haven't seen your name in a post in a little while.  Hoping you are doing ok and not feeling badly?  Check in when you can!!  Gentle cyber hugs and prayers that your treatment is going well.

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Dear Sister in PINK ..  Hoping your new treatment is NOT taxing on you, and your body.  

Positive thoughts, and Prayers.

Vicki Sam

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Dear CC and Vickisam,

I am doing OK.  I had a lot of fatigue so though I read, I haven't felt like posting.  Though I did reply to a few.  I was depress learning that Robert had passed away.  Such a wonderful man.

I developed a lot of mouth sores, so after all my home remedies had been tried, I called my oncologist and he prescribe me a script (forgot it's name).  It works some and I still have some in my mouth which made it hard to talk, eat, drink except for soft items.  He lowered the dosage of Doxil yesterday in hopes of getting rid of the stubborn ones.

Thank you for asking.

Hugs to you both,


New Flower
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I am glad you answered and Ellien that you asked.

I was in Boston last weekend the weather was very nice.It is hard to accept that we loosing our CSN firends, Rovert was special

I hope the new dose is easy and works


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I hate that you are battling mouth sores!  I hate them.  Taxotere had me constantly battling with thrush and mouth sores - ugh.  Finally found my winning combo: nystatin (for thrush) and MuGard (mouthsores and helped keep thrush at bay).  MuGard is like a liquid bandaid for your mouth lining and it really helped my lining begin to heal.  Here's a link: http://breastcancer.about.com/od/generalsideeffects/a/mugard-drug-profile.htm


Good luck and gentle hugs my dear friend.  I hate that you (we) have to go through all of this.  Hope you are able to begin to enjoy the warming weather in spite of all?!

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