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acknowledging you

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Joined: Nov 2013

Ive only been here a few monthes but I can tell some of you have been here supporting, reading, updating, helping and sharing your lives for a long time. While I can also see there is a lot of new folks like myself coming on.

This post is to acknowledge all of you. Those of you long-timers that have become so much like big sisters... wiping our tears, cheering us on & helping us stay strong.

Those of you new-comers.. thank you for your courage. It takes alot to come on here and share yourself with strangers. Sometimes it takes the most strength to admit we are weak.

I could go on and on about the monster that has united us all here on these discussion boards but I wont because I know all of you can already relate BUT I will take just a few minutes out of the day to just say YOU ARE SOOOOO AWESOME!!


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You are pretty awesome too!!!  Welcome!!!  We always need new voices.

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I refer to our commitment - as 'Playing it Forward' ...  Women before me, took their time to help, and guide me along the way - while I was in treatment, going thru surgeries - and bumps in my Journey.

Just meeeeeee

Vicki Sam

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Posts: 62
Joined: Nov 2013

Thanks Cynthia, I appreciate that. And yes Vicki, since being sick I have had many ppl come to me when they were going through something. It kind of comes naturally to help the way that others helped me. I put the link on my Facebook cuz I know alot of other ppl who have been on one cancer journey or another and Invited them to come check it out. :)

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