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Should I stop Chemo after 5 rounds, or should I receive number 6???

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I have stage IV Folicular Lymphoma. I have been receiving chemo since Jan 6, 2014. Rituxon & Treanda every 28 days, was scheduled for 6 rounds. After my 3rd treament mid March my Dr. sent me for a CT scan, results were excellent showing almost full reggression. I continued on with rounds 4 and 5, however my white platelet count is now low 3.5. After speaking with my Dr. yesterday, I decided to hold off on the final round, I am affraid of my levels dropping to low. Has anyone been through a similar situation? I am scheduled for a PET scan tomorrow. Any advice??? I am really confused.

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 I would say to go with what your doctor thinks is best. I did the full 6 rounds, but didn't have any issues with my blood counts. Let us know what you end up doing. Best wishes...Sue

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Deciding on dosing is so complex that only an oncologist can really determine what is best (with patient imput, of course), but I agree with Sue: I would stay the course, and do all initially recommended treatments. I suspect that many, many studies over the years have gone into determining the idea number of cycles necessary to ensure complete remission for your stage.

I did six months (12 infusions) of r-abvd, and as I approached the last infusion, I was seriously considering asking the doctor for ADDITIONAL infusions, so my thought process was a little different from yours, despite the fact that I had a lot of serious side-effects dragging me down .

Good luck with your decision,


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I would definitly go with the 6. You dont want to have this come back and bite you in the butt. I think of it as an insurence policy

Best of luck

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