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Double Whammy
Double Whammy Member Posts: 2,832

Anyone have this for recurrence?  My good friend with UPSC has a recurrence again and her oncologist is treating her with Avastin this time.  If any sign of continued growth, he will refer her to someone in San Francisco (UCSF I think).  I'm just curious what you all may know about Avastin for uterine cancer.  She said onc told her it had just been approved for use in uterine cancer (and her insurance approved), but if this doesn't do the trick this time, he will refer her.  She is being watched closely with CA125s every 2 weeks and PET scans every couple of months.  Just wondering  . . . I hope someone will tell me it's wonderful.  This is her 3rd recurrence (first chemo after surgery, then again, then again, and now this).  Thanks.



  • Ro10
    Ro10 Member Posts: 1,561

    My medical onocologist talked about Avastin as a maintainence drug for me,but not as a front line drug.  I did not want to take the drug for maintainence.  That is when I started the Aromasin.   I felt the Aromasin would have less side effects than the Avastin.  I did not feel like taking Avastin I would have a break from chemo.

    My gyn/ono did not mention Avastin when he discussed drugs to be used if the taxol/ platinum drug no longer worked for me.  I know there are those on the ovarian board that have taken Avastin.  UPSC is very much like ovarian.  Has your friend tried drugs other than taxol/ Carbo?   I hope the Avastin works for her.

    I hope you are doing good.  In peace and caring

  • aboutmymom
    aboutmymom Member Posts: 4

    My mom, initially treated spring 2011, has her first recurrence (lung) and will begin Carbo & Avastin in 2 weeks. Her oncologist thinks the Avastin will be successful and it will be followed by Rituxan for lymphoma which she gets quarterly.

  • nancibee
    nancibee Member Posts: 59

    My doctor is Dr. Lee May Chen at UCSF. She is really good. She only has appointments on Fridays though because she teaches.She is at the UCSF Helen Diller Comprehensive Care Center. I hope all goes well with your friend.

  • pipscout
    pipscout Member Posts: 24
    Hello. I'm sorry to hear

    Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's recurrence. I did Avastin as a single agent for awhile when my tumors were growing, and it didn't do enough. I then had it in combination with platinum based chemo for a 6 cycle treatment. That really seemed to push the cancer back. Since November I've been on just Avastin as a maintenance and my progress is holding.

    I started with Avastin as it was being studied for Uterine Cancer at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I have few side effects from it except my gums being more tender and bleeding a bit more easily. And slightly elevated blood pressure. But it doesn't do the stomach ickiness, hair loss, neuropathy etc stuff of the platinum based chemos. It works differently, inhibiting the growth of blood supplies to tumors.