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Choking / Coughing

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Hi! I recently started choking and coughing when I eat. My GI took 3 biopsies last Weds.

How long does it take for results? This is my 1st time.

Thank you!

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Sorry for the need for biopsies. Normally if your GI takes biopsies it means he sees something he is not sure of. I my case it took three days for the results to get to my GI; but sometimes it can take a bit longer, if a weekend is involved or if the lab they use is a distance away. If the results indicate cancer they normally call your GI imediately and you will get a call from him/her directly to schedule follow up appointments with an oncologist and to schedule CT scans and blood work.

I hope your results indicate someting other than esophageal cancer. 

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina
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