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any insight into today's biopsy?

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Hi all.  I've popped in here to seek your wisdom about a core needle bio I had today on a breast mass.  Normally, I'm in the Kidney and Thryoid forums (yes, that would make it 3 cancers Im dealign with if the bio comes out +).


I've had 2 MRI's since August, and 2 biopsies on masses.  The first time it was a schlerosed adenoma, and they ignored the large mass nearby saying it was a fibro.  BUT... I had a PET/CT last Oct and that lump lit up.  Fast forward April and my followup MRI.  They found 5 masses  (including that one which had grown from 1.2 x 0.6 cm to 2.7 x 1.4 cm.  I guess this scared the Rad because they ordered a STAT biopsy.  They were also correlating the other 2 masses in the opposite breast.  Which wasn't visualized on US.  I'm being scheduled for an MRI bio on them soon.


Anywho....the doctor, as he's scanning me, kept running back to his computer to look at the US image from last Sept, and my recent MRI from April.  The mass which they claimed was either a complex cyst or fibroademona looked scarily different this time.  It had funny edges, was almost square in shape, and completely solid.  He showed me the fragments in the sample jar which were going to pathology, and they looked bloody.  The look on his face while he was scanning me scared me a bit.  He was talking really slow...trying to assure me that it was only the growth of the lump that had them "milkdly concerned".  Ok..I've had 2 cancers already.  I know the drill.  If they weren't thinking it was cancer he would have done his poking and prodding and been quick about it.  This took 75 mins. 

Does the solid, red tinted fragments mean bad news?  It looked almost identical to my kidney biopsy samples...which were  cancer.


The good news was it didn't hurt a bit.  I'm a wee sore now as the freezing wears off but it wasn't unpleasant at all.

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but I dont.  Just wanted to say, good luck - and if possible take a tape recorder with you - and record your visit with your doctor.  Notes, notes, questions, questions... get it all down via note pad, recorder, or friend.

Please update us when possible.

Gentle hugs.

Vicki Sam

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When it rains it pours is right!  I am so sorry that you may be dealing with the beast again.  I don't know anything about what the appearance of your specimen means.  I wish I could help.  But welcome to this board and please keep us posted.  Gentle hugs and prayers.

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Hi again.  Bio came back Fibroepithelial lesion, Phyllodes cannot be excluded.

My gp wasn't concerned, said to return to routine screening.  However, I still went to see my BS (2 month wait) this past Wed.  She read the reports, viewed the MRI, examined me, did an ultasound, and scheduled me for surgery this Friday!. Excisional biopsy/lumpectomy.  The tumor has grown 1cm since May 20th, and she is very concerned.


So I'm not done yet :(.

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Double Whammy
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It needs to be gone so you don't have to keep following up!  (and worrying).  I so hope that everything goes well for you on Friday.  And now we wait, both for Friday and for final pathology. 



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