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Sue, Good Luck on your scans today!

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I know you won't have results today but wanted to post in addition to my mesage to you so others can chime in!

May it be superficial and knocked out easily!


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It looks like Sue is ready to knock out GirlFighter from that animation you sent ! I especially dig those shoes !

I have a recommendation to everyone regarding getting results in a timely manner: Demand them !  I had my chest CT regarding my lungs a few weeks ago. I am not scheduled to see him until the 29th, so potentially I could have had to wait a MONTH to learn what they found. Instead, I called the doctor's office the day after the scan (any doctor is almost always going to have scan results from the radiologists with 24 hours on work days) and requested that the nurse call me back with a summary, and that they mail me a paper copy as soon as possible in addition.

The pulmonologist called me himself within a few hours, and went through everything in detail, and I got the paper copy within two days. Of course, it won't always happen THAT fast, but it is the way I do business on medical reports: I call the nurse, and demand a summation.

Prayin for ya, Miss Sue,


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although you are probably done.  I know this a big one tho, I'm hoping for the best.


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Thanks guys,

  The scan went very well and I'll be meeting with the radiation oncologist,Thursday at 11:00. I am so impressed with the Hood River Hospital/Oncology. They accessed my port for the scan in the infusion clinic and I was so pleased with the care, and the facility. I will let you know what we find out on Thursday. Love...Sue

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Praying for the best!

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