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its me tjhay with a new name

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Hi people, its me tjhay with a new name of tjhay1 had to start a new account because i forgot my password and dont have the same email anymore. I got the worse news on Friday. I have breast mets to the bone all over my pelvis and on my spine. I am so angry that a quiet calm is the only emotional expression i can make. My wife is heartbroken and trying to put up a brave front, but i cna see it in her eyes. i have to do a new round of radiation, and start a new hormone therapy. I only had a year left but now who knows am probaly going to be a homone therapy lifer now. Well thats all i have a feeling that i will be on more often now

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I am so very sorry that you have learned that you have bone mets!!!  It just sucks!!!  I hate cancer.  Sending cyber hugs and prayers.

PS I have had bone mets since 2005.  Don't stop fighting!!!!  Kick some cancer butt for me!!!

New Flower
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Hi tj

sorry that you have bad news who says you have year left? As horrible as it sounds there is a life even with stage 4 diagnosis you can things you love to do. I was diagnosed 2 years ago still been trying to make sense of it , working full time, travel, laugh and enjoy family and friend. Cancer is sucks human spirit is stronger we are here to support you. It is very hard road to deal with metastatic disease 


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So sorry that mets have brought you jack here. I remember you. A drummer in the Rad Bs, our imaginary band of many years ago. You and I and Tasha go back aways. And others too. I have had the good fortune to stay NED all these years. I wish you and all the others had too. Everyone here new and old will help you but you know that. That is why you came back. We are still the best support team around. Good thoughts and kind wishes to you. Hoping your treatments keep the beast at bay.


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Thinking of you

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Hey hun, will this ever leave us be?   This sucks so bad.  As you know I got my st4 dx last year (about this time too) You emailed me immediately to see if you and Wendy could help at all.... well now I am offering the same.  Anything I can do, just call me, either of you!  Just send a pm and I will make myself available anytime, TJ, know exactly how you are feeling right now.... Wendy, I can only imagine.... Huge Hugs, you gorgeous ladies. J xxxxxxx :)

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I'm sorry to hear your latest news.  Just keep doing what you can to fight it and know that you have much support between your wife and everyone here on this board.

Please keep us updated on your condition.


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so so very sorry.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, and Wendie.


%^^&#$$#  damn beast

Vicki Sam



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Christmas Girl
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There are many here still that you'll surely recognize, including me. There are also (unfortunately - damned cancer!) many, many much newer to the journey & this group.

If the urge strikes - go ahead, hon. Throw a big, fat fricking TANTRUM, TJ-style.

I don't need to go on & on here - you (and dear WWW) already know... My heart is with you both.

You can do this (though not easy, certainly), and you will.

Totally understand your anger - am feeling it, too. And don't like it, at all. I keep repeating our beloved Chen's oft-quoted mantra (one of several): "Be stronger than, not angry at." But, it's just not working for me, lately. (With sincerely heartfelt apology to Claudia, though I believe she'd understand... Probably at least a bit angry along with us.)

You can do this. And, you will.

You will not be broken. (With thanks to Trish, one of your several guardian angels - along with Chenheart & sweet Moopy... They have your back.)

With lotsa love, Susan XOXOXO 

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