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About the "oil pulling"

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that Laralyn was talking about.  I've been doing it for the last month or maybe a little less.  I seem to only manage to remember to do it 4 days a week or so....but....after about the first 4 days, I noticed my "taster" working so much better....and it still is.  Now it could be a coincedence that my taster all of a sudden started working better at the exact same time....out of the blue....after nearly 2 years of hardly tasting anything.....but I'm thinking the coconut oil might kicked my buds up a notch or five.

Even ice cream has taken on that "old familiar feeling"....and gawd knows how many gallons I've eaten without tasting it.

Just something simple to try as an experiment Smile


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My Daughter has told me about oil pulling and the many benefits to it, so I guess it does work my problem is not being able to swallow I wish oil pulling could help with that. I am glad to see that your taste is coming back so keep up the oil pulling; by the way coconut oil is one of the best oils to use because it is so good for the body.

 Take care P

Tim Hondo

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P, that is fantastic!!  now you'll have to watch your weight....lol.  this is a very big deal and i'm doing a jig around the yard in honor of your taste buds!  eat on Phrannie!!!


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I started it too!  I have only missed about one night a week.  I've noticed that my taste buds are "off" the last week or so.  Things are tasting quite as good as they were BUT it's worth it because now I wake up without a totally dry mouth!!  It's still not a normal saliva amount, but goodness...it's so much better than it was!!

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I'm so glad this is helping people! I'm curious to see what my dentist says at my next cleaning, since I will have been oil pulling 5-6 times a week for 6 months at that point. :-)

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Hi to all

my dad also started this a couple of weeks ago.  I'll keep you posted for any new developments. Thanks as always for the tips.  Hope all is well.


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