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Bad Medicine?

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One of our 4-year-old granddaughter's friends has leukemia and they are attending a fund-raiser for him today.  Granddaughter was telling me about it yesterday. She told me her mother said the friend had to take some bad medicine and that it made his hair fall out. She went on to say, "Like you, Mimi. You had to take some bad medicine that made your hair fall out".  I corrected her by saying, it is not bad medicine. It is strong medicine and yes sometimes people loose their hair, but if they get well that makes it good medicine. 

I have been thinking about this. Never, not one time, while I was sick did she ever say anything about my hair. And she probably wouldn't have said anything about the little boy's. . .


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Children are amazing!  As I'm finding out with my "4-legged" child, it's the potty training that's a "witch" with a capital "B" Smile.  I hope you're having fun at the retreat (or had if it's over).  It was this weekend right?  I was without power from 7:30am 'til about 20 minutes ago.  I got a nap in with the dog and worked on a flower bed outside so I'm not gonna complain too much about it.




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Jim, Camp Bluebird is this coming week, Tuesday through Thursday.

I'm glad you are having a good time with your puppy. And yes, potty training is a challenge. The "experts" recommend kenneling them but I've never had the heart for that. 

Still calling her Nibbles, Niblets, Nibs, Corn Niblets, Corny (um hum, perfect for you)? 



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We had some dear friends who happened to be black (I say had because they are both gone now).  One day we were over at their house and our son must have been about 4.  He was sitting with Mac and all of a sudden he looked at him and in the most surprised tone he said, "hey Mac, your hand is black!"  So not only do they not question certain things, they only see the person for what they really are, a loved one.  BTW Roquie, we had the radio on in the car today and heard an announcement that next week our Cancer Center is having a get together for all the cancer survivors who want to come, they must have heard me complaining Smile.  Hope they send invitations instead of just counting on the radio.


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