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A little late asking - but

aamdsi Member Posts: 284

does anyone know just how they reconstruct our kidneys after a partial?


  • avdoty
    avdoty Member Posts: 62
    YouTube video

    I watched a youtube video of a partial nephrectomy a few days ago and it looked like the surgeon simply sutured it up. He entered the suture on one edge of the wound where the tumor was removed and then on the opposite side of the wound. He then pulled the suture tight which brought both sides together.  A plastic looking clamp was attached to the end of the suture to hold it tight. It looked like the plastic clamp stays in your body. I wonder if it's permanent or if it dissolves over time. About 4 or 5 sutures were done in this manner in the surgery I watched. 

  • aamdsi
    aamdsi Member Posts: 284

    But thanks.  I doubt they leave anything in there - but who knows 8-). just gald all seem to be working fine at present