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Hi ladies, I haven't been here in a while and I'm in need of support. I had a pet scan done last week and my oncologist called me yesterday to give me the results. He says it came back normal but that it came back with a hot spot in a "weird place" (that were his exact words) the colon. So I have an appt next week with the gastroenterologist for an evaluation and then I'll get a colonoscopy. My regular doctor tells me not to worry yet as that hot spot can mean another illness not just cancer, but I can't stop thinking what if it is cancer again what if I have to go through all of that again? What if I die this time, I don't want to leave my kids alone they are too small they need their mother! Maybe I'm just overeacting but I can't help it I can't stop thinking about it.


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Worry will not help. Take one day at a time. Spend as much time with your kids that you can. You are right your kids need their mother. Try to be positive. 


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I would be scared too!!!  Being a real Old Timer here (27 years) I have had many tests along the way that have scared the pants off of me!  It is hard to wait - for me, it is the hardest.  If you can't relax or get any sleep, ask for help.  I freely do that these days because I am not going to live the rest of whatever time that I have stressed out.

Praying this is inflammation or something less serious!  Hang in there and keep us posted.  Remember that, even if it is mets or a new cancer, many, many of us are living longer with Stage 4.  I have been 18 years with Stage 3 and now 9 years with Stage 4 (spread to lung, ribs and liver). 

Take it one day at a time and try your best not to "borrow trouble" as you wait (easier said than done).  Please know we are all pulling for you and keep us posted!  Sending cyber hugs and prayers!!!

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I am crossing everything that it  is not going to be too worrying.  You are feeling the same way we all would.  Push those negative emotions away, let's get the results first..............  Good thoughts sending your way.

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Sorry to hear you are going through this...I am crossing my eyes, toes and fingers , as well as sending Pixie Dust your way.



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"hot Spots" can show up on a PET when there is nothing going on.  It did with me.  A 'hot spot' showed up along my lower jaw bone in the scan before I started neo-adjuvant chemo.  The ENT Dr I saw didn't think there was anything going on but biopsied the area.  It came back 'clean' - nothing the least bit worrisome.  PET scans will pick up any imflammation of any kind, even very small and occasionally light up even when there is nothing there.

I have been told that the colon is one place that IBC 'likes' to met to but not sure about other types.

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Like Rague I had a hotspot but on my lung (I had a nodule-that's why I had the petscan). I ended up with a biospy that was negative. However, they are still watching it. I agree with CC-ask for help if you're nervous. I told the doctor that if I had to wait until after the weekend for results, he needed to prescribe me drugs since I was such a nervous wreck.

Hope it turns out to be nothing.



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Thank you ladies for your comments. I saw the GI on the 21st he said that is probably nothing to worry about and that sometimes the PET Scans show more than what it really is, but he still wants to do a colonoscopy to be sure. So, I have an appointment for a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon, the Dr. said that he should be able to tell me the results right then and there. So, I'll keep you guys posted, thanks again for your well wishes!

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